4 Reasons to Get a Car Wash Before Going on Vacation

Going on vacation is something that you should look forward to doing with the intention of having a great experience from beginning to finish. While accomplishing this goal has a lot to do with how your vacation goes, you can do several things at home to help you succeed. Getting a thorough car wash before you head out on your vacation is an excellent idea worth considering.

Wear and Tear

When you let your vehicle go without cleaning for a long time, you will experience wear and tear at a faster rate. This makes it important to keep your car clean through routine washing as well as the occasional deep wash that can clean areas you may have missed during previous washes.

If you are going on a somewhat lengthy vacation, you do not want to let the dirt and grime on your vehicle sit for the whole time. Washing the car and getting a ride to the airport is ideal because it will allow you to park your vehicle in the garage where it will be most protected.


While you are on vacation, you may feel comfortable with letting a family member borrow the vehicle. However, even though you may be letting them drive your car, you may not want them to pick it up in a dirty state as it may make them feel like they need to get it washed right away.

If you are going on vacation long enough, you can even request that your family member takes it in for a car wash as your vacation comes to an end so that you can come home to a clean vehicle.


When you are not getting a ride to the airport and are driving there with your family, you will benefit from a detailed car wash because it will keep your clothing clean. Instead of getting dirt, dust, and grime that may be on the seats during your drive to the airport, you can look forward to sitting in a spotless vehicle and heading to your vacation destination with clean clothes.


If you know that the trunk can get rather dirty at times, especially when you are into outdoor activities that can track in dirt easily, you cannot go wrong with a professional car wash. Instead of risking your luggage picking up the dirt in the trunk, you can keep it all in great condition.

Investing in a car wash is well worth doing when you are about to go on vacation.