Car Maintenance: How Efficient Is Your Car’s Fuel System?

If your car suddenly uses more fuel than it did in the past, service your fuel system soon. You could have a fuel economy problem to address. Learn how your fuel system can affect your car's performance and how you can improve both below.

What's Wrong With Your Fuel System?

The fuel delivery system is one of the most critical systems in your car. The system delivers gasoline to various systems throughout your vehicle, including the engine. Certain things can make the system perform poorly, including a lack of maintenance. 

Your car's fuel delivery system requires care throughout the year, especially the fuel pump. The fuel pump pushes gasoline through the car's engine and fuel system. If the pump clogs up with dirt and old fuel, the pump will overheat. The fuel system in your car will lose its efficiency. 

Your fuel system will also become inefficient if you don't use the correct gasoline for it. Some types of gasoline may not be clean enough for your car's engine and fuel system. The fuel will cause your car to run poorly, even after you fill up the tank. 

You can overcome the fuel issues above by maintaining your car's fuel system today.

What Can You Do for Your Fuel System?

You can improve the efficiency of your fuel system by having a mechanic check the system regularly. A mechanic can check the car's:

  • fuel injection lines for kinks and clogs
  • fuel tank for rust and corrosion
  • fuel ports for dirt buildup and clogs

A mechanic may also need to flush out the fuel system for you. The flushing will prolong the health of your fuel pump and gasoline. The flushing will also keep the engine and combustion chamber in your car free of debris, dirt, and old fuel. A mechanic may pour special additives into your fuel tank to help keep the system clean.

If a mechanic does find something wrong with your car's fuel system, they'll recommend ways to fix it. The recommendations may include replacing your car's fuel pump or fuel injectors. If your combustion chamber no longer performs well, a mechanic may need to replace it. The replacement may require you to leave your vehicle in the shop for a set period of time. A mechanic will go over your services in greater detail after they check your car.

Find the services you need for your fuel delivery system by contacting an automotive shop like Grey Chevrolet Inc today.