The Role Of Wheel Alignment In Your Car’s Performance

Modern consumers spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel of a car each day. Whether you are driving to complete your commute to work or taking a pleasure trip down the open road, the way your vehicle handles can have a direct impact on your driving experience.

There are many things you must do to ensure your car runs properly, but investing in a wheel alignment is one of the things that drivers can easily overlook. Wheel alignment plays an important role in the proper performance of your car and can be used to achieve some very specific goals.

1. Alignment helps you maintain your warranty.

Vehicle manufacturer's engineer the design of the cars they make to operate within very limited specifications. Failing to keep your vehicle within these specifications could result in any factory or manufacturer's warranties that currently cover your vehicle becoming voided.

Any time you add new tires to your vehicle, you need to invest in a wheel alignment. It can also be beneficial to invest in an alignment as the tread on your existing tires begins to wear. Changing tread depths can alter the angle at which your wheel is connected to your vehicle.

Manufacturer specifications for these angles need to be maintained in order to keep your warranty valid, so regular wheel alignments will help ensure your vehicle stays within recommended specifications regardless of tread depth.

2. Alignment prevents premature tire wear.

Investing in new tires for your vehicle can be costly. In order to extend the life of your tires, you need to have your wheels aligned on a regular basis.

If the angle at which your wheels are attached to your vehicle changes, you might find the vehicle pulling to one side as you drive down the road. This pulling results in uneven tread wear that could reduce the lifespan of your tires significantly.

Routine alignments will ensure you get the maximum amount of use out of each new tire you purchase for your vehicle over time.

3. Alignment can help you achieve specific handling goals.

If you use your vehicle for racing or other performance-related driving tasks, you might find that your handling needs vary from those of traditional drivers. Altering the angle at which your wheels are attached to your vehicle can help you achieve some very specific handling goals that will improve your driving experience.

An experienced mechanic, like one at D Wells Automotive Service, will be able to help you determine how wheel alignment can be utilized to improve your vehicle's performance under unique driving conditions.