Intend To Resell Auto Salvage? How To Prevent Devastating Rust

Auto salvage yards exist for at least two reasons. One, they buy up scrap metal to recycle it. Two, they often resell some of that auto scrap for parts to make money. If your ultimate goal is to buy and sell scrap autos and auto parts, the biggest issue you face is rust. It is not as though you operate a scrap yard under a giant weatherproof canopy; no scrap yard does. However, that rust can destroy your profits on parts and scrap you could be selling. Here is how to prevent rust from eating away at your profits.

Separate the Stuff You Want to Sell from True Scrap

The first step in this process is to separate what you hope to resell from true scrap. When autos come onto your lot, you need to pick the autos clean of everything that still appears to be functional, usable, and resell-able. Put all of these parts and items in a different spot than the true scrap. If you have a barn or small shop onsite, put the the items you have salvaged for resale in there. It helps if you have a shelving system for the parts, as well as a tarp to cover each section of shelving as needed.

During Down Times, Clean and Spray Parts with Anti-Rust Sprays

If and when possible, spend your spare time cleaning parts that can and should be cleaned. (Some parts should never touch water, of course.) Then spray the majority of the parts you have organized for sale with anti-rust spray. This spray generally protects most metal items for months until they are sold. It is akin to selling guns; you have to clean and protect them so that you can still sell them months or years after you obtained them. 

Consider Constructing Climate-Controlled Storage

If there is enough room on your salvage yard, consider constructing climate-controlled storage for the best of the salvaged parts. Making sure that these parts are exposed to little or no humidity, and are not constantly frozen or overheated from the weather, ensures that they are in much better condition when you are finally able to sell them. You could also store them in climate-controlled storage offsite, but that sometimes creates the hassle of knowing what you have for inventory versus what the customers are asking for. It is best to keep as much and as many of the parts close at hand and protected.

Contact a company, like Fox Valley Iron Metal & Auto Salvage Inc, for more help.