Reasons To Use Your Driving School Instructor’s Car For Your License Test

Attending driving school after you get your learner's permit will give you the best chance of success when it's time to go through the testing for your full driver's license. The in-class and in-car components of driving school will have you comfortable not only behind the wheel, but also knowledgeable about how to deal with any challenges that you encounter during your test. While many driving school students use their parent's vehicle for their test, you may alternatively have the option of using your driving school instructor's vehicle. Here are some reasons that arranging to use his or her car is a smart idea.

You May Be More Familiar With It

Although you've hopefully been able to spend some time practicing your driving with one or both parents, or perhaps even an aunt or an uncle, it's often the case that you'll have spent more hours behind the wheel of your driving school instructor's vehicle than one of your family members' vehicles. This means that you have a higher degree of familiarity with the former, and that can pay dividends during your test. For example, you'll be accustomed to exactly how sensitive the gas and brake pedals are — which can differ between vehicles — and this will allow you to accelerate and slow down smoothly.

It's Likely More Suitable

In general, you'll find that driving school instructors have vehicles that are suitable for people who are learning to drive. These are usually smaller vehicles that offer good visibility and relatively small blind spots. Not every family has a vehicle that fits this description. For example, if your family owns a truck with a rear cap and a full-sized van, driving these vehicles for your test could be more challenging — especially when it comes to parallel parking. You may find that the smaller vehicle is easier to drive.

You'll Get Some Last-Minute Advice

Whether you arrange a practice session with your driving school instructor immediately before your driving test or he or she simply meets you near the testing location to loan you the vehicle, you can expect to get some last-minute advice. Veteran driving school instructors have likely helped hundreds of students prepare for and pass their driving tests, so your instructor may offer some helpful reminders about what you'll encounter during your test and how to prepare for such issues. He or she will also encourage you by reminding you that you've practiced a lot and are ready for the test.